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Posted on: June 22, 2010

Of course there are pros and cons to each option.


Usually there are direct trains. But for some reason there is no direct train from my place to the airport on Sunday. This means that I have to take a bus to Rugby, and then change onto a train that goes to the airport. Sounds like a hassle.

Coach, goes directly to the airport, but there are no coaches later than 15.50 which arrives at 17.10.
My flight is at 21.20 FML.

Taxi. Comfortable, fast, direct and is 5 times the price of a train ticket. FMLx2



Posted on: June 19, 2010

For there are only 3 more papers left!

I know I know, I shouldnt be celebrating now, I should be working hard, but cut me some slack. I need a rest.

ticking off a subject never felt so good

I can’t believe that today was actually the last time we hung out together as a group. I asked anyone if they would not even have a little bit of sad feeling leaving this place, and none  of them really did!! :S

I feel kinda sad leaving here!! =(


Exams have made me gain weight!!! T.T And pimples! really bad skin… Feel so ugleh. Just look at those humongous cheeks!

I have a confession to make.

I hate it.

I hate hanging out with you guys.

I feel left out when I hang out with you guys, and to be honest, I’d rather much be alone, because I dont even enjoy spending time with you guys.

I hate it, and I thought I’d just let you guys know.

And also Maths was total shit. Total shit.

I’m tired. and sick of studying.

All I did today was eat, and do 1 1/4 Core 4 past papers. (1/4 was unfinished one from last night). I havent done a lot.

But I am tired, and I am cold, and I am down. For some reason….. maybe cause the sun is not shining today, but it was!

I’m hiding under my blanket cause my feet are cold! I dont feel like getting out and all I feel like is to eat!! I think its PMS, as my mood has not really been perfect, and I feel that the way some people talk are so offensive!

and I keep on craving Bread!! T.T of all the things. To make things worse, my metabolism is as slow as a tortoise walking through peanut butter (lol read that somewhere. forgot where tho)

And my laptop isnt exactly the best thing to keep me entertained now, due to it constantly crashing. and fb is SO boring.

I think chatting with lester warmed me up a lil cause of the constant laughing. nothing in our conversation made sense! And it involved the randomest people ever!! But it was a great laugh and some destressing from all that maths.

I realised that I dont know how to balance out my studying. I have been doing bio unit 4 and Maths core 4 that I have totally neglected Bio unit 5, Statistics, maths pilot, economics unit 3 AND 4!

At least doing pure maths is sort of a practise for Pilot paper.

Jenny is going back tomorrow morning! Booo…. T.T no one to talk to me at nights when I am lonely.

sighh .. gonna get some shut eye for 10 mins.

Edit: and what is it with all these people liking every single group or quote of fact thing on facebook? Its everywhere that I think there isnt even a point for it anymore. And its all that appears on my news feed!

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So I was in town after my Biology unit 2 exam on Tuesday.

I went to collect the shirts from next, got some vacuum bags and then I headed to Sainsburys to get some carrots (dont ask. Latest addiction. I have become so organic. the other day I bought organic carrots. Today I bought organic tomatoes, organic cabbage and organic yogurt)

There was this kid, I’d say he was about 2 or 3, at most 3. He was crying, saying “mommmmyyy!! mommmyyyy!!”

And his mom was just walking away, and he chased from behind.

I know, sounds like something that happens every other day right? So I was walking towards Sainsburys, and his mommy just kept walking.

Then suddenly I heard “FUCK YOU, YOU PRICK!!”

hahah yes, words from a 3yo’s mouth.

Children are fast learners and I bet his parents are swearing too often…

Embarrassing thing was that this is in public, in front of dozens of people!

Though I must say, the kid was kinda successful in getting a response from his mom, who was initially ignoring him!


Posted on: June 10, 2010

Dont know how to figure the chatbox thing. Tired. Ciao.